Your New Home Is Waiting!

Let's Get You Home

Buying a home isn't something you do everyday.  It can be a stressful process if not done correctly.  To ensure that your wants and needs are met in a home you can afford, you need a Realtor that listens to you and communicates with you every step of the way.  The following are the services I pledge to you that will get you, and your family, home.

  • I will educate you through the entire homebuying process and help you to understand all the paperwork in advance
  • I will help to find the best solution to any problems that might arise during the entire transaction
  • I will properly prepare any forms, contracts and disclosures that are required to ensure all documents are legally correct
  • I will help you find the right home in the right neighborhood by conducting a systematic search using your specific requirements
  • I will provide you with comparable market sales data to help ensure that you are paying the proper price for the home
  • I will assist you in selecting competent escrow/closing and title people and help you to understand the process
  • I will suggest which professional inspections should and must be made on the property
  • I will protect your interests with all sellers
  • I will help you understand the use and limitations of good-faith deposits
  • I will consult you when you should seek the advice of an attorney
  • I will make sure the appraisal process is handled properly
  • I will help you negotiate the best price available for all costs and fees related to the transaction
  • I will negotiate and deal effectively on your behalf with all parties of the transaction
  • I will see that any repairs or requirements are met prior to final closing
  • I will advise you of any contractual changes that might be necessary prior to closing and advise you as to what course of action to take if the seller refuses to close the transaction
  • I will see that the completion of the transaction is as smooth as possible right through obtaining keys and taking possession of the property